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: There is an article in Newsweek about increased rates of interracial marriage among Asian men, and generally how Asian men are "movin' on up", as it were. Mike was showing it to everyone on his laptop, which is how I read it. There was this big section on stereotypes about Asian men, which Mike basically summed up as "Asian men are like Mike.". Mike said I should write a Segfault story on the subject. Me: "Yeah, I'm gonna look real good writing a story with a bunch of Asian stereotypes in it."

I was also shocked to find out that Jackie Chan is not considered to be a sex symbol. C'mon. He should be. Ladies, write him in on your ballot.

: Geez, too many people named Mike. The Mike in the Asian stereotypes entry is Mike Chan of the LUG. The Mike in the science reporting entry is Mike Popovic of Be Dope. Am I going to have to go back off a first-name basis with Mike Popovic?

: I had a really good Nethack wizard, but a rock troll kept clobbering me. I'd kill the troll, start to eat it, and the troll would come back to life and clobber me some more. So I'd kill it again etc. It got pretty ridiculous. I've got another wizard I'm working on now that's pretty good, though.

: The brash exuberance of yesterday's "Breakfast of Pathogens!" T-shirt gives way to the congenial lame-duck satire of today's "University of Canada" T-shirt.

: I found that Newsweek article, if you care. Even if you don't care, I found it.

: Celeste wrote me an explanation as to why Jackie Chan is not a sex symbol. Apparantly the sociologist in the Newsweek article was right about him. Who'da thunk it?

: I squashed various bugs in the Daily Pokey lister which was limiting you to viewing Pokeys for the first year (1999). Not that it matters, since there are no Daily Pokeys for 2000 to speak of due to the cronjob weirdness.

: My URSA enrollment appointment (My last one! I hope.) starts on the 28th. Don't let me forget!


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