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: Today's Astronomy Picture of the Day is awesome; a galaxy viewed edge-on.

: People in Britain (possibly the Commonwealth at large): pick the thing you understand least about Americans. This is your analogue for me. It eludes all attempts at my describing it. I know it's done tongue in cheek, but that doesn't make it any less weird. I can't even pick a good quote from it.

: Oh, that same group is the group that published the excellent Passport to the Pub. (I didn't recognize the site because I read PttP in Lynx)

: Daniel Hsu has an editthispage site. I like editthispage because it encourages people to do the kind of site I like to read (ie. sites like this one).

: You know, the scandal of American slavery really pales before the scandal of Thomas Jefferson fathering children by one of his slaves.

: Before I forget: I got an 85th percentile (90% absolute) on CollegeHire's Java test.


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