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: Sourceforge looks really nice. I have to learn how to use CVS now.

: Josh on his Australian heritage: "I come from good convict stock."

: Hi. I'm trooper Leonard Richardson. You know, I've seen it all--stared into the gapin' maw of death--and I'm here to tell you of the horror that lurks everywhere. No, don't get up.

: As the guy from Zelda 2 once said,

... ...

: Take that, you lousy mysterious Etruscans!

: Look what I found!

: Dan made an astute observation: Dan Gillmor is what Jon Katz should be.

: I really like advogato, but I always spell it "advagato". A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

: Is there a book or Web site dealing with inconsistencies in Ulysses? There should be, just to annoy the sort of people whom that would annoy.

: ElfStone Attic Treasures. What a great concept. A CD of old, obscure Linux stuff. The Linux counterpart of the Da Warren CD Dave and I are working on, I suppose. And it's got this great marketing on that page, which I will translate for you:

: Yesterday I was in Hollywood and I passed a store called Gay Mart USA ("America's Favorite Gay Superstore"). What does one buy in a gay superstore? Gay power tools? Big tubs of gay laundry detergent? No, just the usual boring gay clothes. If there was another gay superstore on the market, Gay Mart USA would no longer be America's favorite, I'll tell ya that for free.

: For some reason I'm really in the mood today to make fun of marketingspeak. It must be spring! Yes! Spring is here again!

: My mother says it is my glorious duty to write the book on inconsistencies in Ulysses. I think I'll save that for some English major who has nothing better to do than nitpick Ulysses anyway.

: A starts-amusing-and-degenerates article the original title of which (as seen on Newshub) was "Reptile diverts royal". I had to look at the article because I had forgotten about the use of "royal" as a noun so I thought "diverts" was being used as a noun and it was like "This reptile's diverts are just plain excessive!". Whatever diverts are.

: Here's an idea: the Drinking Game Drinking Game. [Andy Rooney]D'jever notice how drinking games are all kinda the same?[/Andy Rooney] What if you could abstract the various mean-spirited tropes found in drinking games into a set of rules that was itself a drinking game? eg. "Take one drink every time you drink because someone exhibited some mannerism of speech or annoying quirk." If a drinking game was going too slowly, this would be a perfect way to up the ante, as it were.

: I'm using square brackets instead of angle brackets because the notebook program doesn't deal with editing lts and gts correctly, and I'm too lazy to fix it.

: The Mozilla people cleverly do not actually say the words "Open Sores", for they fear my string-searching wrath. But all in vain, for the mighty Scott is upon them like a whirlwind.

: I need to get my links page up so I don't have to link to people's pages whenever I mention their names.

: What do these five articles have to do with each other? I have no idea. The first three set something up and the next two knock it down. And there's no email adress for that guy, so I can't contact him to ask why he brought them together under the rubric of "economics".

: Industrial automation has gone too far! They've fired Mike Popovic and replaced him with a big glass of water!

Hey Mike, can I link to your webcam?

: jwz's Webcollage is being used by people who are not jwz, and two separate people using it hit the same one of my sketchbook cartoons within the span of a few hours, making causing two Altavista image queries from Webcollage to appear in my access log and causing me to think there was some connection between the two hits when there wasn't. A coincidence worthy of Lem.

: It may not be jwz's webcollage, since I can't find the source for that on jwz's page. It may be one of the zillions of other programs called "webcollage".

: Coming soon (this afternoon) to Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial: Ace reporter Dave Griffith has the chilling story of...the Theobrominator!

: I live in mortal fear that I'm going to be walking past some short girl and she's going to put my eye out with her umbrella.

: The webcam of Mike.

: I had two emails waiting for me when I woke up. One is from Scott. The other is from Fred. Both are 2,108 bytes long.

You: That was an amazing story.

Me: I know.

: For years, science has mocked at the venerable notion that the moon is made of green cheese, preferring their ridiculous "rock theory". Now, those hoity-toity eggheads must eat their words, as the latest evidence shows that the poles of Mars resemble different kinds of cheese! Vindication for green cheese selenology! It's time to take our classrooms back from rock theory and its Communist proponents!

: Dave says he has to think about my putting his Theobrominator story up on the Memorial. Take your time, Dave. Jeepers.

: Yesterday I was setting Mark up with a copy of NOWB, and I decided that the fact that he needed the author of the program to set it up for him was not a good sign. So I need documentation. And the reason I have been holding off on writing documentation is that the notebook program is a mess. It's written in two different languages and it has a lot of legacy stuff from when I tried to generalize it in the wrong direction. So I'm thinking of taking an afternoon and rewriting it all in Python, and then doing proper documentation, and then Mark can set it up himself.

Mark made mention (alliteration!) of some feature (I don't remember what) that many weblog scripts have. I dismissed it by saying "Well, when I wrote this there were no weblogs," but now that I'm rewriting NOWB and there are weblogs now, I might as well listen to feature requests. One thing I'm definitely going to do is put in anchors for each entry, eg "20000302-3" for this one, so that you can point to, chop up, etc. particular entries. One thing I'm definitely not going to do is bring a database into the fray. {Cuba, XML}, maybe. {Castro, Database}, no.

: They showed this uncensored on FOX and it had the sun in it.

: The moon entry I published yesterday reminds me of a Winnie The Pooh apologetic in which the strange tilt of the planet Neptune was forseen by Pooh and Co.'s expedition in search of the East Pole.

Such an apologetic does not exist. Nonetheless, "reminds" is an appropriate word in this situation.

: The Humnet backbone is having problems since yesterday afternoon, so mail sent to me yesterday I probably didn't get. Please send it again since I don't know when the Humnet problem will be fixed.

: Susanna is writing in her notebook again; unfortunately, the news is not good.

: What is the common tie between the latest Segfault story and Liza Dei, my latest recording? The world will know eventually. It's a lame connection, but there is one, and I thought it was interesting that I'd get that kind of article submitted when I was working on a song from Revenge Of Porcelain Puppy.

Problems with Liza Dei: Couple weird vocal artifacts near the end, song gets cut off instead of fading out (3dSound doesn't {do fades, know Susie} the way I {want it to do fades, know Susie}), vocals a little too soft near the beginning. Other than that, it's a nice little tune.

: The new version of the notebook program (now called Newsbruiser) is coming along okay. I have the design in place and now I just have to roll up my sleeves and finish the implementation.

: The humnet backbone is back up. I have your email. Do not panic.

: Dan went out to watch Mission To Mars. I can't afford such luxuries, so I must stay inside. I wonder whether Mission To Mars is the pseudo-realistic Mars movie or the 1950s-style Mars movie.

: Dan just came back. Me: "Man, you got ripped off." No, the theater was sold out.

: I got new sunglasses yesterday. Let's see how long before I lose them.

: More Newsbruiser work. The only big chunk that still remains undone is the chunk that actually changes the files around. Now I have to take a shower and go work in the lab with Adam.

: Me glasses are broken. This has got to be some kind of record.

I did not mistreat my glasses in any way. They just broke.

Adam says Mission to Mars was more ridiculous than Armageddon.

: Is there an XML DTD for notebook entries? I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I don't know where to go to find DTDs.

: I recorded a great theme and fantasia on "Popeye The Sailor Man", but BeOS won't boot, so I can't put it together. Grr.

: Opus, the sad truth is that Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior is Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly on his days off.

: I have Newsbruiser writing entries to files. Once I do the editing frontend, editing will magically work as well.

I did not spend all day doing this. Just so you know.

: I like the phrase 'The thinking {man's, person's} x". It lets you say 'This is like x except it's good', kind of clearing the room of the foul presence of x by taking the moral high ground and acknowledging its similarilty to whatever you've got.

: Words to live by: (from this fab article):

As early as 2011, NASA hopes to launch what may be the most ambitious telescope ever conceived: the Terrestrial Planet Finder. Scientists hope it can be used to answer the question of whether life exists on planets beyond our solar system. "When you're asking the greatest question ever, you need a great telescope," says Charles Beichman, project scientist for the telescope.

This is my new "It's a beer." Whenever anyone attempts to prevent me from getting x, I will say "When you're asking the greatest question ever, you need x." It worked for this guy. Only he is asking the greatest question ever. But still. I'm too cool for silica clouds, baby.

: Even the Slashdot people love Brak!

: leonardr sez: check Susanna's homepage every day for Susannalicious goodness. Jake endorses it as well: "it's bad she altered her perfect little page, but other than that..."

: Great Planetfall quote: "I see nothing special about the mobile man-eating plant."

: I am King Online The First! Demand for me is overwhelming! Thank you, my subjects!

: You may or may not be interested in hearing about VA's latest acquisitions.

: See what I mean? Ballmer: he's evil, but he's a good sport.

: I'm sick of people complaining about free software taking away programmers' jobs. One, it hasn't happened, and two, the free market does not exist to serve the every whim of programmers. It exists to serve consumers. That's the whole reason we have a free market. If there was some magic way of making food for nothing and farmers and agribusiness started protesting that this would drive them out of business, wouldn't you be pretty pissed off? It's not the best analogy, I know, but it's servicable.

I have three Netscape sessions open and in each of them I have a large TEXTAREA into which I am supposed to enter a message which will be displayed on a Web page. All the TEXTAREAs are the same size, too.

: Another call from GTE. I now know to ask to be put on the no call list. Thus should end the era of the annoying calls from GTE.

: My job offer letter was sent Fed Ex, so of course it wasn't delivered properly. They're sending it again regular mail, I think.

: Regardless of what you may have been led to believe, I'm not Chris Duarte.

: Those ancient snake species unfortunate enough to redevelop rudimentary hind limbs were often mocked by their peers.

: Who's marking up Mars? And why aren't they using Mars Markup Language?

: I have Mike to thank for the earthquake map. "What happens when I click on an earthquake?" DON'T!!!

: I bought a jar of marionberry preserves at Trader Joes. It's made with real crack. Just kidding. About the crack. It really is called marionberry.

: I accidentally rm -rfed my head of hair. That's okay. It'll grow back. And it only cost me $6, unlike the more conventional crew cuts which cost $12.

: Marionberry jelly is very good on peanut butter sandwiches. No seeds, mildly tart, excellent all around.

: Gaaah! I look like the guy from The Onion!

: Newsbruiser plods closer to completion. I really have to resolve that notebook DTD thing now.

: Actually, I can just kludge together a file format. Which I did. Why is the generation of XML documents treated as a second-class activity? Python's XML parser comes with the system, but there's only a half-assed XML generator which comes separately. Am I wrong in thinking that I should be able to give a DTD and a data structure to an object and have it spit out an XML document? Doesn't that seem reasonable? Is there some module that I'm overlooking that does it?

: Today I wrote UCLA the last tuition check I will ever write them. Of course, I don't have enough money in my bank account to cover it, but let's keep that our little secret.

: Mail from Andy on the harsh conditions he finds in the UK. As always, Andy knows exactly which bits of information will interest me the most.

: Dan and I were discussing how dull the game Missile Command is. One of the few games that actually makes doing homework seem fun in comparison. The question is, what are the worst games ever made? Arcade classics, CGA clunkers, right up to the state of the art. The worst. Let me hear what you think.

: Gotta finish my philosophy paper and final tonight. Tomorrow morning I'm flying to Austin for a job interview. Gonna hang out with Joe Barr, check out the used bookstores. Jake, you need to get back to me pronto on the hep places to go in Austin as I don't know if I'll have email when I'm there.

You know how you'll be writing a paper and you'll get the feeling like "I have no case with this argument, the prof is going to see right through me."? That's how I feel with this paper. I've had that feeling before, though, and so far it's yet to mean less than a B on the paper.

: The final is done, and I just have to fix the intension of the truth predicate. I mean fix the bibliography of my paper.

: Oh boy, time to act like a frikkin' loon.

: I'm done. Before I go to sleep, let me point you to this funny article (part 1 of 2) on corporate food mascots. Fitting, as the 1996 Andy/Leonard skit "Interview with the Doughboy" has been a topic of discussion between me and various people as of late.

I almost forgot to credit Mike for bringing that link to me in a basket.

Must sleep now. After pie.

: No one's biting on the "worst games ever" thing. Odd. I would have thought that would have sparked a Katzian outpouring of email.

: I'm at pcOrder now demonstrating my notebook program.

: I gotta say, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome has the most inappropriate soundtrack I've ever heard.

: Mike, who apparantly goes to Salon every day and reads the articles, sends me part 2 of the advertising mascot shenanigans. I quote the thing Mike quoted:

General Mills has already taken steps to ensure that the enigmatic confectioner isn't perceived as a "ridiculous bumbler," Delahanty adds. "One thing we've done is we've reestablished that the marshmallows are a creation of Lucky. Although they have magical qualities, they never take on a personality of their own. They are inanimate objects. That's an area where in the past, there's been a little zigging and zagging. But we've refocused after our most recent equity study. Now, we've reestablished that Lucky is totally in control."

This is how we beat the Soviets, kids. Be proud.

: Photographic memories of Jake are now avaliable.

: TreeDoc could finally put an end to the annoying practice of clicking through subchapters of HOWTOs and the like.

: I feel that I must speak out about the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs. It has the most ridiculous premise of any movie I've ever seen, viz., that Uma Thurman is prettier than Janeane Garofalo. What kind of twisted parallel universe spawned this film? One in which giant insects wear sinister moustaches and bark orders to coal-mining humans, no doubt.

: I forgot to mention that the inhabitants of Austin are obsessed with Andre the Giant Has a Posse.

: A in EE103! A+ in CS152B! Whee!

I just got a nice letter from Bill Softky of Treedoc fame. In formulating a meaningful response I'm... able to get through to the server to review the project. There goes that complaint.

: I'm finally going through and reading all the old BOFHs. So good. There should be a BOFH movie. I'm thinking something shot in long real-time scenes, with the dull walking-down-hallways scenes livened up by impromptu user interaction. During the course of two hours, the threads of twenty or thirty simultaneous BOFH/PFY plots (in both senses of the word) would intertwine, and they'd all come together to form a huge crisis which would be solved by a particularily masterful application of bastardness.

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