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: My mother says it is my glorious duty to write the book on inconsistencies in Ulysses. I think I'll save that for some English major who has nothing better to do than nitpick Ulysses anyway.

: A starts-amusing-and-degenerates article the original title of which (as seen on Newshub) was "Reptile diverts royal". I had to look at the article because I had forgotten about the use of "royal" as a noun so I thought "diverts" was being used as a noun and it was like "This reptile's diverts are just plain excessive!". Whatever diverts are.

: Here's an idea: the Drinking Game Drinking Game. [Andy Rooney]D'jever notice how drinking games are all kinda the same?[/Andy Rooney] What if you could abstract the various mean-spirited tropes found in drinking games into a set of rules that was itself a drinking game? eg. "Take one drink every time you drink because someone exhibited some mannerism of speech or annoying quirk." If a drinking game was going too slowly, this would be a perfect way to up the ante, as it were.

: I'm using square brackets instead of angle brackets because the notebook program doesn't deal with editing lts and gts correctly, and I'm too lazy to fix it.


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