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: The Mozilla people cleverly do not actually say the words "Open Sores", for they fear my string-searching wrath. But all in vain, for the mighty Scott is upon them like a whirlwind.

: I need to get my links page up so I don't have to link to people's pages whenever I mention their names.

: What do these five articles have to do with each other? I have no idea. The first three set something up and the next two knock it down. And there's no email adress for that guy, so I can't contact him to ask why he brought them together under the rubric of "economics".

: Industrial automation has gone too far! They've fired Mike Popovic and replaced him with a big glass of water!

Hey Mike, can I link to your webcam?

: jwz's Webcollage is being used by people who are not jwz, and two separate people using it hit the same one of my sketchbook cartoons within the span of a few hours, making causing two Altavista image queries from Webcollage to appear in my access log and causing me to think there was some connection between the two hits when there wasn't. A coincidence worthy of Lem.

: It may not be jwz's webcollage, since I can't find the source for that on jwz's page. It may be one of the zillions of other programs called "webcollage".

: Coming soon (this afternoon) to Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial: Ace reporter Dave Griffith has the chilling story of...the Theobrominator!

: I live in mortal fear that I'm going to be walking past some short girl and she's going to put my eye out with her umbrella.

: The webcam of Mike.


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