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: The moon entry I published yesterday reminds me of a Winnie The Pooh apologetic in which the strange tilt of the planet Neptune was forseen by Pooh and Co.'s expedition in search of the East Pole.

Such an apologetic does not exist. Nonetheless, "reminds" is an appropriate word in this situation.

: The Humnet backbone is having problems since yesterday afternoon, so mail sent to me yesterday I probably didn't get. Please send it again since I don't know when the Humnet problem will be fixed.

: Susanna is writing in her notebook again; unfortunately, the news is not good.

: What is the common tie between the latest Segfault story and Liza Dei, my latest recording? The world will know eventually. It's a lame connection, but there is one, and I thought it was interesting that I'd get that kind of article submitted when I was working on a song from Revenge Of Porcelain Puppy.

Problems with Liza Dei: Couple weird vocal artifacts near the end, song gets cut off instead of fading out (3dSound doesn't {do fades, know Susie} the way I {want it to do fades, know Susie}), vocals a little too soft near the beginning. Other than that, it's a nice little tune.

: The new version of the notebook program (now called Newsbruiser) is coming along okay. I have the design in place and now I just have to roll up my sleeves and finish the implementation.

: The humnet backbone is back up. I have your email. Do not panic.

: Dan went out to watch Mission To Mars. I can't afford such luxuries, so I must stay inside. I wonder whether Mission To Mars is the pseudo-realistic Mars movie or the 1950s-style Mars movie.

: Dan just came back. Me: "Man, you got ripped off." No, the theater was sold out.


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