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: I still had nothing to do with it, although I can endorse it this time.

: I never thought about this before. As with any series of objects ordered in time, there must be a first picture taken by humans from space. And here it is. That's entertainment!

: That picture was not taken by humans, but rather under the direction of humans. But if you're going to get technical about it, no picture has ever been taken by humans because humans don't have the hardware.

: I'm going to Frisco in about an hour (I call it Frisco precisely to piss you Frisco people off) for another job interview. I'm being flown back to LA immediately so there's no time to hang out with Mike or Mae Ling (who is across the country anyway) or anyone. Oh well.

: Think I'll spin a little Devo.

: I'm at myzack showing off the notebook program.

: I'm back. Dan's back. We're all back. For ice back.

: I'm experimenting with putting links to other people's sites at the bar at the top of the page. The links are links to sites that a) belong to particular people, whom I know; and b) are updated on a fairly regular basis.

I don't know why I didn't realize this before. Supernova's song Daredevil has the same melody as Devo's It's Not Right.

: I picked up Hazel's second (and last) album, Are You Going To Eat That? for cheap in Austin last week, so I'm going through that right now. Jody (see NYCB 19990531) got just a little too butch for me between the first and second albums, but she still has the sexiest singing voice.

: Bill Softky and I are low-key delving into the crazy world of Javascript. (I'm low-key, I don't know the height of Bill's key) Who wants to point us to a decent Javascript tutorial? How about for Microsoft's version of Javascript?

: Did I mention that the notebook program is in beta? Beta meaning "Mark has it".

: Now that Jake has pictures avaliable I can do the graphic for the Jake Berendes West Covina story. In fact, I just did. The story will make no sense to anyone but me--just the way I like it.

: Leonardonics: I win!

: Celeste has given me permission to link to her webpage, which features many entertaining pictures of her. I find them entertaining, anyhow. And bless her heart, she actually said the phrase "so serious", allowing me to do a The Guy Who Thinks He's Jeff Lynne.

: Whimsical rendered DNA graphics.

: Before Babe Winkelman, there was Tux on the Run. I found that at freearcade, which is interesting in its own right.

: Guppy Races is probably the best game on FreeArcade; it's cute.

: Joe Barr sent me the picture he surrepetiously took of Mae Ling and myself at LWE last August. It probably won't be the last image to go into /pix/1999/misc.

: I miss Geek Site of the Day.

: Duh. Maybe I should link to foaf's essay on a horrible game after I put it up.

: While doing research for a page I'm working on, I came across a wargame (eg. Axis and Allies) type game called A Mighty Fortress (scroll down that page to see reviews). That's gotta be the most original wargame (if the term applies) ever. Like the Bunnies and Burrows of wargames.

[NB: Bunnies and Burrows is/was a role-playing game based on Watership Down. From Andy's latest dispatch, I think we now know who was responsible for that game.]

: Before landing a job at the Free Software Foundation, he hawked cereal for Kelloggs.

: I long to taste the taco that is impro, but my speakers aren't hooked up.

: Someone should write an ncurses version of that Matrix screen saver using ASCII characters.

: Michael Yount comes out of hiding to point me to CMatrix. AFAIK, CMatrix doesn't use ASCII characters. CMatrix was what inspired me to call out for a program that did use ASCII characters.

: I have been informed that CMatrix does in fact do what I want it to do. The description I read made it sound like it did something annoyingly close but not quite. News You Can Bruise regrets the error.

: It would appear that GTE uses its no call list as a "deluge with junk mail" list. I guess the thinking is that I tell them not to call me because I want to hear about their great offers in some other medium.

: What a great URL. It's the only CGI I've ever seen that has a "court=xth" GET variable.

: The microwave in my apartment is down, so every time I want to heat something up I have to take it to school or to work. It's pretty sad.

: Oh, did I link to this 6th Circuit Court decision? I meant to link to this 6th Circuit Court decision.

: Another dispatch from Andy, to which was attached the promised Watership Down comic. Prince Valliant it ain't.

Adam has graduated and is working at drdrew.com. His girlfriend Kim is working at hollywood.com. They're a [dehlorwy]*\.com couple!

: Not only does this guy have, among other programs, a program that automatically breaks the highly popular and oh-so-secure XOR-encryption, but some of those other programs are 'script-kiddie safe', requiring a fix to the code before they'll work. I think this should be a new buzzword.

: This is the sort of headline we need: The lunar eclipse: What you didn't see

If there were a Marine Biology Picture of the Day to go along with Astronomy Picture of the Day, I would be a happy camper.

: I'm looking around the Web site for Westminster College, where Andy is. Not only are there a lot of missing pages, but at the bottom of the pages that are there it says "This page is periodically monitored for updates." Why are they just monitoring for updates when they should be actually doing the updates?

The whole thing looks a little shady. Look at this: it's right out of a spam.

The Diplomatic Academy of London (DAL) has enacted this mission as the longest established British institution that pioneered integrated training programmes in Diplomatic Studies and International Relations (MA, MPhil & PhD Degrees ) IN THE HEART OF LONDON and PARIS!

: Fred tried to think of a good domain name for a porn site yesterday, but all the ones he thought of were taken.

: I should link to CMatrix since I mentioned it.

: Kris on the porn site naming issue: butttown.com isn't taken, but buttown.com is. "That leads me to believe they misspelled the domain name when they were registering it."

: My customary twice-yearly sickness has set in, and I am deliriously doing odd things. When I left to go to class, I put on my backpack and reached back to yank my ponytail out from between my backpack and my back. I haven't had a ponytail for well over a year.

: foaf on The Pirates of Silicon Valley:

They way Ballmer was portrayed made it seem like he's only using evil as a means to an end, that end being chicks and beer money.

Exactly. This is why you gotta love Ballmer.

: B in CS181. A- in philosophy! That's incredible! (The A-, not the B). I believe this means I make the Dean's List again.

: Folks, this is a full-fledged bonanza. Via an exclusive deal I make avaliable for you, the listening public, not only TWO albums from well-known attic band crupper scupper supper upper and the flupperdupper maleatora ("The best thing they ever did was break up." -- Variety), but also FIVE FULL FREAKING ALBUMS from well-known person and former crup bassist Jeremy Bruce from his solo act Off Gabbt ("We wish Off Gabbt would break up so we could say something mean about them." -- Variety). This is over TWO HUNDRED SONGS in MP3 format, over 350 megs of stuff all told. I'll be working with Jer and Jake to put up track lists for the albums that don't have them, but in the meantime you can start your downloading engines by going to /music/hosted/crup/ and /music/hosted/jbruce/. Enjoy, sucka.

: The listener's guide to the temporal ordering of those albums: On the crup side, the albums go My Dinner With Andre Nguyen -> What Do You Call Those [sic] Pork Things. For jbruce, I believe it goes I'm not playing with you or you ever again till next friday -> Smally Creative -> Off Gabbt -> Largely Creative -> it smells really bad in here.

: Not the sort of site I ever expected to link to anything on my site.

: I don't have lilypond, so I can't use impro. A look at the source reveals that it isn't as intelligent as I was hoping an improvisation program to be, anyway. Oh well.

: Pluto and Charon: giant alien disco balls?

: Deitel, Deitel, Deitel. I made him out of clay. Deitel, Deitel, Deitel. It's Deitel I shall play.

: My scanner will now remove comments from source code. To celebrate, I give you The Theobrominator!

: The scanner is just about done. C++ is not nearly as horrible as I remember it. Since C++ has not changed in the past 3 years, I must be a better programmer than I was then. This is not hard to believe.

: As far as I can tell, the scanner is done. Of course, the spec will probably change on me, since we're not technically supposed to have even started on the scanner yet.

: Geez, I gotta recommend particular tracks so that people (such as daniel) will download them. Uh... there's some controversy as to whether the crup albums should actually be released as MP3 (So far it's me and Jer versus Jake) or left to die a slow, agonizing death on tapes, and besides all they have are track numbers so I'm not sure which tracks are which songs. So let's do some recommendations for Jer's albums.

I'm not really into instrumentals, but Cerve Basil is very good. A lot of the songs on it smells really bad in here are excellent, like Lady in Red, I want to marry a tall man, you know what? It's really annoying to make all these immensely long links so I'm just going to mention albums and track names and you can go to /music/hosted/jbruce and figure it out for yourself.

Who's the Grey Man, Got Kicked in the Balls and Cooking up the Tofu are also good. My knowledge of the other albums is limited because Jake once sent me a tape with a bunch of songs from them and no track list, but here are the ones I can associate: From i'm not playing with you..., for vintage jbruce get Cheese Fondue, Heath Bar (Crunch), Bennetts [a crup cover]. From Off Gabbt: Amy, Dave Moore, Ted Lin [one of the best jbruce songs IMO], Mara. i'm not playing..., off gabbt, and smally creative have HTML files in their directories that talk about the songs, so you can look at those and d/l whatever strikes your fancy. Other than that, you know as much as I do.

Oops, I forgot to mention the best jbruce song of all: Karl Malone. Get that, if nothing else.

: I'm giving an introductory talk on Python this evening at the UCLALUG meeting. Be there or be somewhere else. I know I will.

: Martin Sheen is Frank Zappa! Emilio Estevez is Frank Zappa!

: My Python presentation went pretty well. Notes and pictures soon.

: Jake on the crup MP3s:

re: crup songs. let's make a selection. not all the songs. only some. i will make a list, as i am the one who will be embarrassed. and i will be embarrassed.

I don't want to suggest anything, but... no, I said I didn't want to suggest anything. So I won't.

: Microsoft and Ralph Reed - two great tastes that go better together!

: Jake's new sig (the quote is from the last email I sent him):

www.nindy.com     "It's finite... like a precious jewel.
That said, the chord progression is C F C5 G5+7. Sorta."
                                     -Leonard Richardson

: Mike [Chan] is being polled by Microsoft right now (for "Microsoft" equals "somebody paid by Microsoft to conduct a poll that shows popular support for Microsoft").

: Jake says Sausages is the best jbruce song. And it's an easy download!

: It was a long time ago (like, over a year ago). Kris said something about sportsmanship that I thought was very profound. It's been going in and out of my head ever since, but I never thought to write it down. That's why I wrote this song. No, that's why I'm writing it down now (paraphrased, obviously):

The difference between sportsmanship in wrestling and sportsmanship in other sports is this: If you see an interview of someone who lost at a real sport, they're like "Well, I guess the best man won, uh, I've just gotta push myself a little more and work on my defense and, you know, go out and try harder next time." But if you see an interview of someone who just lost a wrestling match, they're like "YOU ARE SCUM, MIGHTY MIKE MUELLER! YOU ARE BOOTLICKING SCUM! I AM GOING TO HUNT YOU DOWN AND SLASH YOUR TIRES AND KILL YOU!!!"

: I have been reduced to installing Quake on my computer, because Dan refuses to play any other networked game with me.

: Quake wouldn't install. A box upon it.

Boy, the things you miss when you use Lynx. The Register's BOFH columns have cool cartoon pictures of the BOFH. And they've got an even cooler BOFH/PFY cartoon squirreled away which they've never used.

: I hadn't been to Joel Hodgson's site in a long time, but I went there this morning when Peter Hodgson asked me if there was such a person as Joel Hodgson. There is, and now you can download the coloring book.

: Dammit! eCost backordered my digital camera! The only reason I bought from them was that they said they had it in stock!

: Also, the TA changed the format of the language just to break my scanner. In particular, things like "123abc" are valid now (two tokens, "123" and "abc"). Whitespace, folks. It's your friend.

: Another game in the famous Leonard and Dan Carnage Signiature Series: City Destroy Carnage. The computer haplessly attempts to defend its cities from your endless barrage of nuclear missiles by firing intercept missiles.

I think this is the only way a Missile Command-type game could be made fun.

From the ever stallwart ACM
To the bold IEEE
We're the folks on whom you can depend
To keep our country strong and free

: There's a Captain Planet fan site that links to The Deficient Advantures of Captain Planet. TDAoCP is so good. It still makes me laugh out loud.

: I was just putting up the 50th Best of Dada Pokey, when I realized that we have over a year of Daily Pokey: it started on April 9, 1999. Huzzah!

: I haven't gotten email from Celeste since last night. I hope she's okay and she's not mad at me.

: Celeste was mad at me but she's not anymore. :)

: The new improved lexer is done. I just have to put it in the framework that the TA wants it in. This is made difficult by the fact that the campus backbone is undergoing planned downtime so I can't get the documentation I need. I can't get email, either.

For some reason the TA wants to make sure we don't use malloc or new in the lexer. Why? If we were allowed to use malloc or new, would the lexer suddenly become incredibly easy? I don't think so.

You probably already know this, but a lot of Hannah-Barbara cartoons are just homomorphisms of Scooby Doo.

: Four [score and seven] years ago, I wrote a C++ program to answer the burning question: what are the odds of winning at craps? Today, the legend continues on the Web with Fast Jack's Floating Hall of Craps. In the spirit of corporate megamergers, FJFHoC has joined forces with the venerable Monty Hall's Hall of Doors to form Crummy.com's Hall of Halls.

: I have been given a catalog from eLinux.com (I don't know if they have a web site). In it is a bit that might possibly win the "evading the question" award:

Why do we sell hardware with Windows pre-installed?

Linux users are helping drive the Linux movement by taking popular systems from well-known manufacturers and installing Linux on them. We know that buying the hardware to "test" Linux compatability can be expensive, thus we want to make products avaliable to you at extremely low prices! We'll also give you the resources to get Linux working for you!

Get this IBM 240 ThinkPad at $1,069! We'll tell you how users got SuSE up and running on it and were even able to use the winmodem.

We'll also give you a copy of SuSE.

: Looking through the list of python modules I saw "math" and thought "Hmm, must be some kind of authentication module". I need a more ergonomic chair.

: Arrrgh! My camera won't be shipped until the 28th! I'm going to look elsewhere.

: This is a placeholder entry.

: Here is an innovation which, if you are looking for something useful to do, you may use: There are about ten "x Weekly News" or "x-URL" newsletters which give the status of various free software projects. The innovation consists of a site which gives a brief summary of them as they come out and perhaps provides the most interesting link from each.

It should be obvious to regular NYCB readers that a great many of my so-called "innovations" come about just because I like modifying nouns with themselves (in this case, "Weekly News Weekly News"). What can I say? At least I don't buy up other people's ideas and call it innovation.

: For some reason, my story about Linus Torvalds going back to work on Minix is very big in French-speaking countries like Canada and, well, France. I don't know why, but there are about five French-speaking sites that have linked to it. The French for "operating system" appears to be "systéme d'exploitation". This was the sort of thing I never learned in high school French class.

Hm... one of the sites specifically states that it's a hoax ("canular"). Maybe some French dude is circulating email reports to the effect that it is real. Maybe Minix, like Jerry Lewis, is just bigger in France, so people there are more likely to think my story is funny.

: Lemme link to that site I was talking about so you can see for yourself.

: And so I says to the guy, I says, "Oh, you wanted a character pointer! I thought you wanted a string!"

: Okay, FINALLY the parser has been put into the weird magical yacc framework and it does the right things to the symbol table and the string table and everything. So I'm done. And the project isn't due til midnight!

: In case you haven't already seen it, let me also point you to the fabulous Matzillah Segfault story, which is better than my Minix story to the extent that I feel guilty about linking to my story and not linking to it.

: This has been annoying me for a while, and I think it's a bug. When I type "lynx newshub.com/tech/", lynx responds as though I had typed "lynx news://newshub.com/tech/". Seems like it should look for the :// before rashly assuming it's a netnews resource. "lynx mailtohub.com" and "lynx gopherhub.com" work as you would expect, so I think it's a bug. Maybe I should try to fix it instead of just complaining about it on my webpage.

: It definitely appears to be a feature. There's a function that specifically does it (LYUtils.c's LYAddSchemeForURL). I was wrong about other URLs beginning with schemes working correctly; the URLs I tried before don't really exist so lynx crapped out before prefixing a scheme onto them. I'm not happy about this. How am I supposed to be lazy when lynx stands in my way?

: I you like The Hunger Site and you like generalizations, you'll like the generalization of The Hunger Site, FreeDonation.com.

: I thought Peter only had The Name of the Rose in Italian, but just today I found a paperback translation to English! Woohoo! Now I can {drink, read it}!

: The Linus-goes-back-to-Minix meme infected enough people that Linux Weekly News felt the need, the need for speed! I mean the need to publish a pointer to my story so that its satiric content would be obvious.

: Going home to Bakersfield tomorrow. As those of you who follow Susanna's journal know, Susanna is also going home (in fact, she's probably home already). Between the two of us, there will be no food in my mother's house when we leave. Not that there will be any when we get there.

: Register writer hates life, film at 11.

: I now have an account on Advogato, although I'm not sure what benefits I obtain from such. I don't feel comfortable certifying people as one thing or another, and I already have an online journal.

: I guess certification isn't so bad so long as you stick to certifying people you actually know.

: Scott explains the Lynx feature that allegedly lets people other than me be lazy.

Newshub doesn't work anymore anyway.

: I'm getting a ride with Josh up to Bakersfield. Woo!

: Now in Bakersfield. Going back (again with Josh) today. Before that happens I will see all of my Richardson relatives. Except for Rachel, who is unaccountably in Paris. I was told about Rachel's impending trip to Nebraska but not about her current trip to Paris. Where are the priority snows of yesteryear?

: I've never even been to Nebraska.

: Something seriously needs to be done about the "news and satire" classification of Segfault stories. Every time a story is published under its rubric, either some idiot reads it on our site and thinks the events described in the story really happened, or it gets forwarded and forwarded and our credit for it gets stripped until it reaches someone who doesn't know the source.

I don't know which, and it may be one or the other on a case-by-case basis, but whatever happens the inevitable result is that someone slaps the text of our story onto a real news site and it wreaks havoc. I'm worried because this does not bode well for online journalism and also because it gives the impression that segfault.org are a bunch of hoaxters.

Well, we are a bunch of hoaxsters, but our hoaxes are planned well in advance and we don't put them on our front page as news articles. That's the difference, you see.

So I'm seriously considering dropping the "news and" from the category title and just making it "satire". I think this is what should have been done in the first place, but we were distracted by that nifty "news" icon that Garrett drew. I didn't design the type system, though, so I don't know how much rewiring that will take. I'm consulting with Scott on this.

: I rearranged Susanna's journal, under her direction. I just now put up a little HTML help thing for her as well.

: I finished Name of the Rose yesterday morning; great book! Read it! Foucault's Pendulum was better, though.

Yesterday Susanna and I went to the Goodwill and I got two really nice surfer dude type shirts (those are my new favorite kind of shirt). I also replaced my copy of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (lost in the huge book disaster of 1996) and got the O'Reilly HTML reference (which I will likely never refer to as it only covers HTML 3.2, which I understand completely). Both books were $.35, so I got the O'Reilly book for about 1/80th its cover price.

Then on to the used bookstore, where I got Pebble in the Sky (continuing my tradition of reading Asimov's Robots->Empire->Foundation series completely out of order), The Colour of Magic (Hi, Scott!), and Across A Billion Years (which I'd never heard of before and which wasn't very good). TCoM, which I got only because I figured I should know something about Terry Pratchett, turned out to be the best of that lot. All of those I read yesterday afternoon.

: There's a halfhearted but decent interview up with Eric Hovland of the SCLUG. I'm mainly linking to it to promote the SCLUG, who do a lot of cool things.

: Josh tells me that everyone in this quarter's CS111 (Operating Systems) class has been given a free copy of Windows 2000 Professional by Microsoft. I honestly think Microsoft has just missed the point here. Even if their operating system were great, it couldn't be used in that class.

: It's time for vision and leadership!

Okay, it's no longer time for vision and leadership.

: Jared Diamond is giving a talk at 5:30 but I'm not going to go see it because I'm lazy.

: Back on the air, kinda.

: The new version of NewsBruiser is sufficiently operational for action. I converted 2000, 1999, and part of 1998 to the new format. I'll link to the viewer once I set up the infrastructure for it on this webspace.

: Some testing entries will likely clutter up this space in the near future. I really need to stop working on this and start working on my 132 project, though.

: Quick links for those who want to see the new interface: view add edit. I love the edit interface (inspired by "Edit This Page", of course). The navigation bar at the top of view is killer too; I want to add search to that and to give edit a navbar as well, but both those changes will require more API changing than I have time for right now.

: Spent all afternoon rewriting the notebook interface. Now I can devote my energies to making the edit screen look nicer. Here's a cool trick that works now: Daily View, Daily Edit. Except the header and footer still think it's monthly. One more thing I have to fix.

: Susanna's notebook is up and on the new system. Jake, I'll get the gang's notebook on the new system probably Tuesday. I really need to get ready for my collab.net interview tomorrow. The main reason I spent most of today wrestling with NewsBruiser was so I'd have a decent-sized OO project to show them.

You can download a tar.gz of NewsBruiser here.

: I've always liked House of Fun by Madness, and now I know the lyrics. "This is a chemist, not a joke shop!" is a good nonsense rebuttal for when you want your nonsense rebuttals to have a bit of British flair to them.

: William S. Burroughs, programmer:

The pleasure of morphine is in the viscera... But C is electricity through the brain, and the C yen is of the brain alone, a need without body and without feeling. The C-charged brain is a berserk pinball machine, flashing blue and pink lights in electric orgasm. C pleasure could be felt by a thinking machine, the first stirrings of hideous insect life.

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