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: I still had nothing to do with it, although I can endorse it this time.

: I never thought about this before. As with any series of objects ordered in time, there must be a first picture taken by humans from space. And here it is. That's entertainment!

: That picture was not taken by humans, but rather under the direction of humans. But if you're going to get technical about it, no picture has ever been taken by humans because humans don't have the hardware.

: I'm going to Frisco in about an hour (I call it Frisco precisely to piss you Frisco people off) for another job interview. I'm being flown back to LA immediately so there's no time to hang out with Mike or Mae Ling (who is across the country anyway) or anyone. Oh well.

: Think I'll spin a little Devo.

: I'm at myzack showing off the notebook program.

: I'm back. Dan's back. We're all back. For ice back.

: I'm experimenting with putting links to other people's sites at the bar at the top of the page. The links are links to sites that a) belong to particular people, whom I know; and b) are updated on a fairly regular basis.

I don't know why I didn't realize this before. Supernova's song Daredevil has the same melody as Devo's It's Not Right.

: I picked up Hazel's second (and last) album, Are You Going To Eat That? for cheap in Austin last week, so I'm going through that right now. Jody (see NYCB 19990531) got just a little too butch for me between the first and second albums, but she still has the sexiest singing voice.

: Bill Softky and I are low-key delving into the crazy world of Javascript. (I'm low-key, I don't know the height of Bill's key) Who wants to point us to a decent Javascript tutorial? How about for Microsoft's version of Javascript?

: Did I mention that the notebook program is in beta? Beta meaning "Mark has it".

: Now that Jake has pictures avaliable I can do the graphic for the Jake Berendes West Covina story. In fact, I just did. The story will make no sense to anyone but me--just the way I like it.

: Leonardonics: I win!

: Celeste has given me permission to link to her webpage, which features many entertaining pictures of her. I find them entertaining, anyhow. And bless her heart, she actually said the phrase "so serious", allowing me to do a The Guy Who Thinks He's Jeff Lynne.

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