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: I finished Name of the Rose yesterday morning; great book! Read it! Foucault's Pendulum was better, though.

Yesterday Susanna and I went to the Goodwill and I got two really nice surfer dude type shirts (those are my new favorite kind of shirt). I also replaced my copy of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (lost in the huge book disaster of 1996) and got the O'Reilly HTML reference (which I will likely never refer to as it only covers HTML 3.2, which I understand completely). Both books were $.35, so I got the O'Reilly book for about 1/80th its cover price.

Then on to the used bookstore, where I got Pebble in the Sky (continuing my tradition of reading Asimov's Robots->Empire->Foundation series completely out of order), The Colour of Magic (Hi, Scott!), and Across A Billion Years (which I'd never heard of before and which wasn't very good). TCoM, which I got only because I figured I should know something about Terry Pratchett, turned out to be the best of that lot. All of those I read yesterday afternoon.

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