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: There are lots of movies about the filming of a movie, and lots of plays about the staging of a play. But are there any operas about the staging of an opera?

: Gotta get ready to fly up for my collab interview.

: At collab.net now. The plane flight up was outstanding; we flew along the coast all the way up. Whee!

It Failed Miserably!: Hey, this is Leonard. My real site (crummy.com or crummy.segfault.org) is down right now due to circumstances beyond my control, so I thought I'd step over to the world of editthispage to see how the other half (that which does not write its own webpage management software) lives. I've been thinking of making my news management system interoperable with all the nifty syndication features and whatnot of Manila, so now's as good a time as any to get my test site up and running.


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