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This is a news item. Apparantly this feature just came on the scene yesterday; until then, all entries on the front page for a day were stuck together in a big blob of HTML. I'm incredibly disillusioned about this. I thought the whole point of this software was to organize one's Web writing. The format of scripting.com and editthispage sites has been a big influence on my own website management software, and now I discover that said format was much less structured than I believed it to be.

That said, now that the feature's here on editthispage, I suggest that everyone use it because it really is much nicer to have each distinct thing you write as a separate entry than to mantain a whole HTML page. It makes it a lot easier to quickly add an entry, for one (although there's the annoying process of having to approve a story before it's posted, which is fine for a site like Segfault but which doesn't make much sense in a context where one person is doing all the entries).

Until late 1998, all the news sections for my sites were done by the add-to-HTML-page method. On September 11 of that year, I flipped the switch, started using Notebook Of Web-Basedness (now NewsBruiser), that "nitro-burning remote publishing mobile", and never looked back. I initially thought I'd still be adding entries the old way as well, but I never did. It really is a better way, folks.

(Perhaps I am missing something because my impression is that editthispage has a very sophisticated syndication system, and it doesn't make sense to syndicate entire days of material; it makes sense to syndicate individual entries. Right? So maybe there's something else that does entries?)

Is anyone else plagued with broken pipe errors?

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