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I hate thinking up titles for everything: I'm in the lab now. I finally figured out how to do {chicken, precedence} right, so I am rid of all the conflicts. I've submitted my project now. I don't know if it works 100%, but it should at least pass all the tests. This is all I need, since I won't be using my own syntax to do the rest of the projects. At noon, we'll get a standard syntax which we are all to use so that it will be easier to grade the other projects.

I like the way our projects are graded in this class. The TA writes a bunch of test programs (which we don't get to see) and then tries to clobber our lexer/parser/compiler/bytecode generator with them. Your grade is based on how well your program avoids clobberation. It's very objective, in contrast to the lower-division classes in which you had to turn in your source code in a manilla folder and the TA would go through it and dock you points if you didn't have enough comments (I once got docked for having too many comments!).

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