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When midterms attack!: The CS132 midterm met my father in an arbitrary number of nested steel cages. I think some of my early calculus midterms may have been worse than that midterm, but apart from that... Oh, the pain. There was one question on regular expressions/DFAs and all the rest were on recreating the jovial antics of the parser.

On the bright side, I'm feeling a lot better. Disease-wise, I mean. Also, the midterm was only 25% of the grade, and the final is noncumulative, so if I start going to class I'll do okay.

There was something I wanted to put here, but I forgot. I'll put it in here when I remember what it was.

And who's this Crick fellow?: James D. Watson is coming on campus today to talk about his new book. I was staring at the promotional flyer thinking "Hmm, that name sounds familiar." Duh.

So close, and yet...: The machine that hosts segfault and crummy, project.linux.com, has been moved. Unfortunately, getting segfault back on the air requires the cooperation of two of the most sluggish forces on earth: Network Solutions and Scott James Remnant. I have to contact Scott (I'm probably going to have to call him) and then he has to change the IP and DNS info for segfault.

Crummy also requires the cooperation of two of the most sluggish forces on earth: Network Solutions and me. Fortunately, I'm on the ball and have already sent my form in to NSI so that they can tell me they can't accept it.

Network Solutions: Because someone's got to employ all those ex-Soviet bureaucrat refugees.

Automation frees the workers!: Hm, looks like all the bureaucrats have been put out of a job. I actually changed my nameserver information correctly. Of course, it'll be a while til it {heals,propagates}.

It's been great to live on editthispage for a while, but it will be better to live on NewsBruiser. Whee!


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