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Pack up my troubles in my old kit bag: crummy.com is back up. Go there for updates.

: Disregard the request in the previous entry

Leonardonics: Ancient Chinese secret!

An explanation of the horrible things that have been going on will be forthcoming. To catch up on what's been going on in the absence of crummy.com, check out Crummy: The Backup Site. All further updates will take place here.

: This might go into Leonardonics eventually, but it's a little too new to do it right away: Josh and I came up with a new acronym: AEM, Ass Extraction Method. It's how you come up with bogus constants like the constants for the COCOMO equation: "We'll obtain that data through AEM." Why simply "pull something out of [your] ass" when you can "utilize AEM"? A message from the AEM Council.

: Yesterday, the guys in the CSUA lounge were drooling over photos of the booth babes at E3. I'm ambivalent about the whole booth babe thing. Well, "ambivalent" is not the right word. I feel uncomfortable about it in two different ways. First is the standard way. Second is the way in which they remind me of the refrigerator booth babes of the 1950s and 1960s. "Miss Betty Firnesse and the new Westinghouse!" and all that. Refrigerators, cars, computer games: what happened here?

: Remember Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing? The lady on the box (presumably Mavis Beacon) was a very dark black lady. I'm looking at an ad for the latest version and the lady on the box has much lighter skin and looks more Hispanic. Mavis Beacon is obviously a shapeshifter, or maybe a fictional character of some kind.

One of the non-bands I fronted in high school was called "Jerry Mavis and His Amazing Trained Seals". My stage name was a mix of Jerry Mathers and Mavis Beacon.


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