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: I think even in air shows, the planes stay higher above the ground than 200 feet.

: NTK isn't responding, so 1) I can't read the new NTK, and 2) I can't see their link to the "Perl is finished" Segfault story (I'm assuming it's that one as that's the only one that's gotten linked from anywhere this past week).

: There's a point at which you come to realize that it's not all part of your rock and roll fantasy.

: Are we really supposed to believe that a film called "Changes" is about surfing and only about surfing?

: Thanks to Scott for emailing me the NTK in the UK. At least they referred to us as Segfault and not SEGFAULT.

: Following the traditional redesign (it only took an hour this time), I have successfully turned a program in the made-up language into Java bytecode. The program in question assigns five to a variable.


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