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: UCLA's student health center doesn't accept any insurance other than the student insurance they try to sell you every quarter. I think I've bitched about this before. They can't stand the thought of ripping off an insurance company instead of you directly. So when I went to see a doctor about my horrible sore throat (the actual visit is paid for by my registration fees, thank goodness), I got a prescription for antibiotics, took it to the drugstore downtown, and was told it would take over an hour. I really don't think it takes them an hour to get a bottle and put it in a bag. The big time consumer is probably paperwork. I'm at home right now waiting for them to call me.

It's probably strep throat. I have a fever of 101.3 (power FM) and I don't even feel it. That's how sick I am. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Oh yeah, the CS132 final was easy.

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