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: Dan is leaving today or tomorrow. I'm not leaving til Wednesday. By convention, this means I have to clean the room. Argh.

: Cool! The Satyricon of Petronius has an English translation online! (Here it is in Latin.)

The text claims to be "erotica". Maybe it was, in 1930. The ban on Ulysses wasn't lifted until three years later. Actually the Satyricon is sort of the Roman version of Ulysses.

Me #2: No, The Aneid is the Roman version of Ulysses.

Me #1: No, The Aneid is the Roman version of The Odyssey.

Me #2: The Odyssey of whom?

Me #1: Nobody.

Me #2: D'oh! That joke was old when Homer made it.

Me #1: So was that one.

Me #2: That wasn't a joke, it was a reference.

Me #1: This split personality bit is over.

: This charming report on RMS has the interesting headline "Computer Guru Advises Against Hacking". "Charming" may not be the right word.

: Dr. Wernher von Braun seems quite happy surrendering to the Allied forces in 1945. "A man whose allegiance is ruled by expedience", indeed. It was us or the Soviets, I suppose.

: I need to do something with the phrase "Attack of Myself". It's stuck in my head and I've found that the best way to get a phrase out of my head is to use it in something.

My "Attack of Myself" obsession is of course merely a subobsession of my "Attack of x" obsession previously mentioned.

: Dan went and took away the phone and the DSL box, so I have no way of communicating with the outside world. I'll try to come on campus and check my email once a day or so. Bleah.


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