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: The saga continues. I can save a picture in JPEG format (they quaintly call it "exporting", but I have to save it in the crap format first and then export it to JPEG. The online help recommends that if I want to send my picture in a format that people on a Mac or UNIX machine can read, I should export it into PDF format. Yes, PDF, the recognized cross-platform standard for digital photographs.

I think I can say with confidence that if they didn't have to say "With Adobe Photodeluxe, you can export your photos right to the Web!", there would be no way to get my photo into JPEG format.

It's at this point that I leave to set up my real computer and get my photos with gphoto, the way God intended.

(If you're wondering why I have a Windows laptop and why I never mentioned it before, it's because I didn't have it before, and it's not technically mine. I have it on loan from MAP, where I no longer work. The people there want me to be able to fix the software I wrote for them if something goes wrong, so I was given an old laptop on which to fix it. I will also be given money on a per-incident basis, and now that I am a professional with a real job I will probably command a higher rate.)

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