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: The pictures are up now. They are pictures from yesterday when my great-uncle Justin Call took Celeste and me sailing. There are also some pictures of my mother and her cousins.

I was explaining what I'll be doing at collab.net to one of my mother's cousins and I was flailing around to try and explain the concept of open source development, and she suddenly says "So it's a lot like the way Linux is developed.", and I was so relieved that she knew what I was talking about after all, that I immediately agreed wholeheartedly with her, and she then started thinking that I was working on some competitor to Linux and the whole thing started over again. Hopefully this interview with Brian Behlendorf will clear things up for those who are curious.

Steve from the UK wrote a song inspired by Segfault. I haven't listened to it (it's a 4 meg download), so I can't recommend it or not, but you can listen to it at his mp3.com site and let me know what you think. He wants me to mention it on the site, which I probably will do.

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