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: Susanna cut my hair with her haircut kit. It actually looks pretty good. It's the crew cut, not the buzz cut. I don't know if Celeste objects to the crew cut, but I know she objects to the buzz cut. I object to the buzz cut, in fact. It's ugly. But I really like the crew cut. A lot of the collab.net people (including Brian, I think) are where I was in 1998, haircut-wise. Think Penn Jillette.

I must remember to write a Segfault story about the Commission of Advertisers for the Responsible Regulation of Online Trade (CARROT) reforming as the Society for Tormenting and Incapacitating Consumers (STIC), following the failure of the incentive method for convincing people to give up their personal information to marketers. That's the sort of thing that would normally go in my personal notebook, but I like those acronyms so much that I feel the need to show them off even though I don't have an actual story yet.

Tra la, tra la, the tiger. He told a terrible tale. The turkey tipped over the teapot, and toppled away with the snail, the snail. And toppled away with the snail.

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