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: I'm at my great-aunt's house, setting up Putty so I can check my email.

: The San Fransisco Giants portal has the same sort of appeal to me that I imagine your average portal having to someone who is new to the Internet.

The collab.net office (until it moves in August) is right down the street from Pac Bell Park. It's a really nice ballpark.

My time has been largely divided between driving the car and sitting in the car taking pictures out the windows while someone else drove. The resulting travelogue will therefore probably have a lot of poorly-shot pictures of things I think are funny and lots of paragraphs that just go "I drove from x place to y place."

"Why do you take so many pictures of signs?", asks Susanna. Because signs are funny. When you're driving down the freeway and someone wants to sell you something you don't need or convert you to their religion, they use a sign. And since you're driving past the sign at a fair clip, the copy on the sign needs to be snappy. And since it's so difficult to come up with snappy copy, signs are a gold mine of unintentional hilarity.

I-5 in Washington goes through some Indian reservations, and the inhabitants of the reservations set up these Quartzite-style booths on the side of the road and sell fireworks from them. They have names like "Ill Eagle Fireworks". I got some great pictures of that and of other things today, including a bizarre billboard near the Washington border that had a big Uncle Sam on the right and a plastic-letter "DO DEMOCRATS HATE MICROSOFT?" attached to the left. Do Democrats hate Microsoft? Well, it's pretty universal outside of Washington.

: Oh yeah, I turn 21 a week from today.


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