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: Embedded Linux tsunami hits Tokyo, thousands drown

: Josh Lucas, who started at collab.net the same day I did, has a web page which meets my criteria for top-of-the-front-page placement, so I put it there. What a long, convoluted sentence.

: Nathan (a Segfault fan from way back) got my printing and my sound card working on the laptop. Woohoo!

: It may interest you to know that in the Nethack source there is an extensive routine for pluralizing English nouns.

That's just one of those things that comes to my mind once in a while and which I have to post here so that I'll stop thinking about it.

: For the first time in my life, I have a huge box of business cards with my name on them. I have a feeling that this is like handing me a machine gun that shoots candy.


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