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: The fruit and nut trail mix here has chunks of dried mango in it. My, this is a yummy dried mango!

There is so much food here. Never before have I had so much food at my disposal.

This book looks very interesting, but somehow I came away from the review without feeling as though I had read a review of a book. Weird.

: Salon article about Advogato: Even Better Than Slashdot? There are certain assumptions implicit in that headline.

: I'll be at The O'Reilly Open Source Convention tomorrow. Their motto, "Innovate - Collaborate - Discover", is obviously a rip-off of mine.

I met Cameron Barrett today. He wants me to go to Webzine2000 on Friday. I normally forgo events which promote themselves via cartoons of girls holding cans of spray paint, but I may make an exception in this instance.

: Gnutella is very cool, but I don't really want anything.

: What comes to mind when you see the headline South African Attacked By Great White? That's probably why they appended "Shark" to the headline.

: I have a bottle of green hair dye from my first year at UCLA. I work at a place that doesn't care what color my hair is (Ed Korthof, one of my co-passengers on the trip to Monterey tomorrow, has blue hair), and my hair is now short enough (its darkness in color is directly proportional to its length) that the green would probably actually show up. So, the question is, should I try the green hair again?


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