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: Collab.net is getting lots of press coverage due to the Sun openoffice.org and Oracle developer exchange annoucnements, and I (along with everyone else) am getting lots of forwarded news articles. Here's a gem from the Wall Street Journal which demonstrates a form of understatement I find distinctly American (as opposed to the traditional British understatement):

Sun's StarOffice open initiative is a way to attack the ubiquity of proprietary desktop software such as Microsoft Corp.'s popular Office product, which wasn't developed using open-source models.

Not to be jingoistic about forms of understatement, not to wave the red, white, and blue of understatement, not to wear the big belt buckle and drive the gas-guzzling SUV of understatement, but this kind of innocent understatement is a nice compliment to the traditional dry, worldly British brand.

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