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: Another great George Speight quote: "At least we're not killing people like in other coups." Why is he so sensitive about other people's coups?

: More lovely understatement: "They [the dinosaurs] dominated this planet for 140 million years yet never developed a technological civilization."

: I asked on IRC if "R2-D2" had a hyphen or not, and Jon pointed me to R2-D2's official character page, which reads like R2's resume. "As Skywalker's trusty companion, R2-D2 continues to play an important and ongoing role in helping the Rebels thwart Imperial forces, specializing in GTK development with C++."

: The reason I asked was that a guy submitted a Segfault story involving R2. As long as I'm linking to Segfault stories, don't miss the hilarious RFC 31337.

: Why is the History of UNIX spread out over twenty bazillion pages? The normal rationale for this behavior is to sell lots of banner ads, but there are no banner ads on that site. Maybe they've been paying too much attention to Jakob Nielsen.

: I thought I would be free of techno music when I moved out of LA, but no such luck. They play it even at work here! Argh. It's not as annoying as the stuff I was subjected to in LA, but still. Argh.

: I'm fleeing to mp3.com for music to listen to to drown out the techno. There are a lot of silly children's songs.

: Wonderful "Eclectic Science Rock" from Mike T. and the Trilobites. My only concern is that it seems that people who actually know how evolution works can't translate that consistently into a song.

I screwed up on that at one point (Liquid Crystal used to have a line that implied that evolution was goal-directed), and I just rewrote the song. Is it so difficult?

Sorry. Go there and listen to that music. It's good.

: My second Be Dope story in as many years. (here's the other one)


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