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: Time for some old-school understatement, from LWN:

Exactly two years ago, two new distributions were turned loose. One was "maXimum CDE/OS" put out by Xi Graphics - it integrated the AccelleratedX server and Motif/CDE, was aimed at corporate clients, and was expensive. The other announcement was for a thing called Linux-Mandrake - then a version of Red Hat 5.1 with KDE integrated. Two years later, one of those distributions is doing rather better than the other...

What's with the ellipsis? Why do people think their understatements need ellipses? Am I even spelling that right?

: The BART has a system where you put your ticket into a slot and then retrieve it to get in and out of the station. Every single ticket-taker has a handwritten sign on it that says "NO WET TICKETS". The inability of the ticket-takers to handle wet tickets has been independantly discovered at every station, and someone dispatched to put signs on the ticket-takers. It's not a warning label that came printed on the ticket-takers.

Whenever I see NO WET TICKETS on a BART ticket-taker I am reminded of the mythical (in that I've never seen an actual instance) T-shirt that says NO FAT CHICKS. Which is really a weird T-shirt because it implies that the wearer is constantly being propositioned by fat chicks. It says, "Fat chicks dig me to such an extent that I must take special measures to defer them."

: Java Modeling! In Color! Tonight's guest: UML!


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