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: If people want to say that I look like Howie Long, I won't stop them.

: Now that I've graduated, I was going to be mellow and lenient towards UCLA's wacky attempts to cheat me out of my money. But they're going after my mother as well, so tally ho! Behold the UCLA Santa!

I'd say there are probably 30 versions of those custom football Santas, each with its own customized form letter from the Dansbury Mint. Santa is spreading himself awfully thin, but then what else is new?

: Segfault Editor Makes Fool of Self

: The CSS Anarchist's Cookbook is corrupting our children!

: My site is now the all-powerful clearinghouse for O'Reilly Open Source Convention pictures. Here are Cam's pictures. (I should probably link to camworld on the top navbar; since I know him now, he meets the criteria.

: It is very hot here. And humid. Bleah. Manoj and I are united in our preference for cold, foggy weather. I think he's the only other person I've ever met who had such a preference.


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