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: Technocrat (unintentionally) spins the news:

Naval-strength submarine-finding SONAR may be able to damage or destroy a whale's inner ear, causing it to become disoriented.

: Mike said: "not a segv story, but it could be". I agree wholeheartedly. I also endorse the breaded clams.

Go to the Linux Today discussion page for that story to see people use it as an excuse to write the same stuff they always write.

: What's there to live for? Who needs the Geekcorps?

: EMonks is like Project Gutenberg (in fact, it has all the Project Gutenberg texts), but without that old-fashioned insistence upon only transcribing public domain works.

: There is a business model by which a company puts up an e-commerce site which takes your orders and throws them away. Then you call their 800 number to complain and they ask you for all the information that their Web server tossed into the bit bucket the first time you gave it to them, and you perform the actual business transaction on the phone. I'm not sure where exactly the value to the consumer is in this, but it's a very popular business model, so there must be money in it.

: There is a bug in IE 5 which I curse, even though I've never used IE 5 in my life. This bug sends the page you were on as the referrer to the page you go to, even if you typed in a new URL or selected a bookmark rather than clicking a link on the old page. This means that my tidy referrer logs are cluttered up by IE 5 users who go to my site or to Segfault and tell me what page they were on before, even if that page has no links to my site or to Segfault. It annoys me.

I'm pretty sure this only happens with IE 5 users, which is why I pin the blame on IE 5.

: Mike and I are trying to think up the ultimate slanderous headline. A slanderous headline is one designed (as is its child article) to bring in page views from angry zealots who flame the author and increase the site's hit count. ZDNet columnists do this a lot, more due to a natural flair for showmanship than any edict from above, I believe. Anyway, my working slanderous headline is "Mac Zealots: Mozilla-Loving Dupes of Napster Linux Communists". Mike praises it as "concise and highly inflammatory."

It's sort of the anti-Katzdot, I guess.


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