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: Between the BART station and the office there is a large marble building which a glorious stone-cut mural on the front lets on to be the Marine Firemen's [sic?] Union. I don't know what to make of this building, because I can't see there being so many marine firemen in San Francisco that they need this big union hall. I think they subcontract the building out so that other unions can use it as well, because there is a banner in one window which says "PACBELL HONOR OUR CONTRACT", and I can't imagine why Pacific Bell would be dealing with the Marine Firemen's union.

: I know that this is funny, but I don't know how or why.

: This site claims that American washing mashines are inferior to their European counterparts. [Goofus designs heavy cars to meet weight quotas more easily.] I was disturbed (but not particularily surprised) by this, so I took pictures of the washing machine I use in my uncle's house so that, in the interests of international cooperation, its design could be critiqued by the readers of this site. I also took pictures of the dryer and the refrigerator, for good measure.

(All of those appliances are really old, but (and this is why I wasn't surprised) it doesn't matter, since the new models look pretty much the same.)

: Pictures from San Francisco: what passes for "gardens", dawn.

: Katzdot: Can Sex Stop American Lurkers?

: Things You Wouldn't Expect to Find on an AOL Homepage, part 430: Design Reverse-Engineering and Automated Design Pattern Detection in Smalltalk.

: Hey hey. Mike invited me to a book burning beach bonfire tomorrow. I'm there. I will be, anyway. Mike lives in my ZIP code (Is that a big deal in SF? It would be in LA.), just a few miles away.


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