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: Speaking of k00l rad d00ds, does anyone else remember that old "Geek Wars" ANSI animation? I think it was called "Geek Wars".

: I thank the nonexistant gods for having sent me two of the funniest emails I have ever read. First, Earn $50,000 in 90 days!! BY FAITH!!, which is your standard pyramid-scam pitch but which just goes on, and on, and on. It's like ten different spams all strung together. It comes to an end and then just starts up again. And again. And again. Someone read through this before sending it out to everyone on earth and said to him or herself, "You know, this is a consistent narrative. It really holds together well!"

Continuing the "faith" theme, Scott forwarded me "Life imitates Scott's mad ideas", Holy Qur'an in our DNA! Absolute Proof Islam is True!, all aspects of which were unfortunately made up out of whole cloth by this fellow, rather than being accreted over time so that no one person has responsibility for it.

: I'm going to write a Java applet which lets you put meat on the online bone. I announced my intention at LinuxWorld Expo, where the idea was hailed by the Linux community (well, by Mark).

: Leonard's LinuxWorld Expo 2000 Mini-Travelogue of Doom!

: I'd forgotten all about Saucer Smear until I saw a link to it today. Lots of fun stuff. I'll have to catch up on the back issues when I have more time. In the meantime, here's my favorite Smear cartoon:

: Funny Headline Watch: Security gates held open for "Love" virus, mutants.


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