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: I might have dreamed this in one of my bizarre dreams last night, but I think there are people whose conception of vegetarianism (or, more likely, veganism) precludes the consumption of yogurt. I am eating yogurt right now, and I gotta say, it's pretty good. But wouldn't you want to stop eating plants before you moved on to not eating bacteria?

: CollabNet in shock acquisition!

: Boca Burgers are good. I endorse the breaded clams of the species Boca Burger.

: My Vision story was mentioned in Network World Fusion (that link will break in a week), but is it the print version or just online? Probably the latter. Still, good job, McCloud.

: Jake reminds me that yogurt is a dairy product. A "Duh" is in order for this, but it turns out to not be relevant, since the thing I remember is people not eating soy yogurt either. (Soy yogurt includes "starter culture", which, like "beef", is simply a code word to get us to not think about the organisms we are massacring. So yes, it is real yogurt.)

: Some folks at work got Aeron chairs from eBay, which arrived today. Every startup that purchases Aeron chairs for its employees is doomed to failure, so they had to get the chairs with their own money. I hope that the mere presence of the chairs is not what dooms the startups.

: I hope I never become the sort of person who goes to Burning Man.

: FHW: The next piracy panic: software. Software piracy?!?! Who would have thought?

: I should mention that the Aerons in this office come from a startup that folded, so perhaps the curse has run its course.

: It's not often that a news story includes the phrase "This reporter actually felt his esophagus constricting under the crush of an unseen Force."


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