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: You may have noticed that the main page now gives you a Katzdot headline underneath the random quote. This is to better serve you, the Katz-craving consumer. I heard your cry, "Why do I have to click down into features and then go to another site to view Katzdot headlines, when you could just install Katzdot on your machine and give me a Katzdot headline on the front page?" Well, that seemed pretty convincing, so I went ahead and did it.

By the way, I spoke with Dan and he said he's going to do a Katzdot update in the near future. He's also working at LinuxCare for the summer.

: Michael Salmon just started work here yesterday, and he's already pointed out that what I thought was a CD player on my Thinkpad is actually a DVD player. If only I had some movies on DVD, I too could violate the DCMA by watching them on my laptop. But that would require buying some movies.

: Tim O'Reilly has a weblog which runs off of some Slashdot-style software, in that entries have a MAD Magazine-esque "department" field (which is different from the story type, the thing you run searches on). The thing is that every single story Tim O'Reilly publishes to his weblog is from the "worth thinking about" department. I think what he really wants to do is just turn that feature off.

Yes, I'm only linking to Tim O'Reilly's weblog because he came up with a kludge for the "department" feature rather than turning it off.

: Porno spam is funny. Japanese spam is, if not amusing, at least incomprehensible. Japanese porno spam is completely uncalled for.

: I forgot to mention that Scott did the Segfault graphic his own bad self.

: Tim also has a "something i just wrote" department. It turns out that Manilla departments are not like Slashdot departments; they're like Slashdot news types and Tim's site shows them like Slashdot departments. Damn, now I can't engage in petty semantic nitpicking. Or, more precisely, I have to find something else about which to engage in petty semantic nitpicking.

: Squeak Tragedy, with the obligatory bashing of my terminology. Okay, I know nothing about Squeak! I admit it! I should have used Python instead!

: Miniperl: because a bad pun is its own reward.

: Another sentence you don't often see in a news article, but which is always welcome: "Profanity has been restored and the style modernized."


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