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: I bought some gummy bears (not Gummi Bears) yesterday. On the bag it says:

Reg. $1.75

Yes, they printed the "regular" price on the package underneath the "discounted" price. I've decided to assume that the designer of the package was really stupid and thought people would fall for that, since that's more parsimonous than the assumption that everyone in the world is really stupid and would actually fall for that.

I remember a furniture place in LA that, when I was a kid, had a "CLOSE OUT SALE!" banner hanging permanently on the side of the building. This banner was not intended for years and years of constant use, and I remember it being old and tattered. It's probably still up there, although between then and now it may have been replaced by a similar sign in Korean.

It occurs to me that the gummy bear package might be intended to fool little kids. I can't see little kids buying these huge packages of gummy bears, though.

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