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: As the guy who gets mail addressed to editor@segfault.org, I have to be understanding. I get Japanese porno spam, stupid press releases, offers to make Segfault part of some extremely minor new media conglomerate, offers to give other sites free advertising, and the occasional letter pertaining to something published on Segfault. But sometimes I get a message that was addressed to a parallel universe version of me and was somehow misdelivered to this version of me. I got such a message today, from an AOL account:

Nowadays everyone are profiteering pigs. The only site that i knew of that had any good downloads and info was shut down. Do you know any sites that you don't have to vote 25 times to download something. any assistance would be helpful. thank you

Our AOL friend comes from a parallel universe dominated by proprietary Unices, in which segfault.org is an underground newspaper for those who illicitly copy and configure software. I don't understand the voting 25 times thing. Since I don't know anything about the URL namespace of his universe (except that segfault.org and aol.com exist), I can't really help him. Perhaps freshmeat.net and happypenguin.org correspond to underground download sites in his universe. If you're from that universe and you're reading this, please help this guy.

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