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: I'm reading this article about water on Europa. And it occurs to me that it would really suck if there was water on Europa but no life. Because let's not fool ourselves, the only reason we care about water on Europa is because that might mean life. Until we start strip-mining moons like in Fiasco, anyway.

: I have to go print my resume (which hopefully I can get to fit on one page) for the job fair today. And at 6, Dr. Rittel from Sun will be speaking on "What I Wished [sic?] I Had Learned In Engineering School". I guess that's not [sic], since he knows it now, and therefore no longer wishes he had learned it in engineering school.

My left shoelace for some reason became all ragged, so I had to cut it up and restring my left shoe. Lousy shoelace!

: One of the things Dan keeps going on about is how bad the movie High School High is. He goes on about this to the extent that he will not believe that Jon Lovitz is actually pretty funny, just because Jon Lovitz was in that movie. (I ask you, is it fair to judge someone's entire comedic career based on one failure? No! Because if that were the case, nobody would be funny.) So last night, to silence these murmurings, I sat him down and we watched Manos: The Hands Of Fate. After the movie: "I submit to you that that movie was worse than High School High." Dan: "It was bad in a different way." AAAAARGH!!!

: Guess who added this to kuato's motd:

Motd is archaic and unnecessarily restrictive. Text is so 70s!

My resume fits on one page, and I'm fairly sure the address is right. Now, to make copies!

: There's an actual game of Make Dan Complain going on in kuato's motd now. I told Dan to work on bringing MDC to you, the Web public. My idea is that he keeps a list of past complaints and people can query them or request a new complaint.

I love this keyboard. It has great tactile and audible feedback. It says it's an MCL Micronorth. They don't make them anymore. I can say this with confidence because this keyboard does not have those damn Windows keys.


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