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: The question is... what are the other nine algorithms of the century? Seems like a list of the top ten algorithms of the century would be very similar to a list of the top ten algorithms ever.

Which reminds me, there is a talk being given by the Graduate Outreach group of the math department on "The Partial Differential Equation of the Century", "in the style of TIME Magazine". I'm not going to go because I hate differential equations, but I thought the flyer for the event was funny.

: Leonardonics: Demon Dog, That was a good x. I'm not too happy about the copy for those entries, although the Aerosmith part is great (but it's a great bit, and I've been kicking it around my head for a while).

: I'm low-key looking at the web sites that have numbers as .com domain names. It's sort of a function mapping the natural numbers onto the set of web pages. As you might have expected, this function is neither one-to-one nor onto.

Domain names consisting of numbers are good to deal with because 1) they're easy to enumerate (the smallest untaken number I can find is 2151.com), and 2) they tend to be owned by people who think or hope that owning a domain name is the key to riches. Look at the sales pitch of the person who owns 500.com.


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