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: I got mail from Andy. The reason Andy is so hard to get a hold of is that he's in England (or will be soon). Wowsers! He's doing a research-type deal. "It all came sort of like a mandate," says Andy. Andy's the only person I know who could say "It all came sort of like a mandate."

I want to make a trailer for a movie called "How's It Goin', Andy?" I don't want to make the movie, just the trailer. I don't know what the trailer would involve, but it would definitely have lots of people saying "How's it goin', Andy?". I love that phrase. I want to have the following conversation with Andy:

Leonard: How's it goin', Andy?
Andy: It all came sort of like a mandate.

: YESterday I was talking with Josh about Space Ghost. And about Brak. Yes, Brak! It all started because I have a Space Ghost quote in my sig. Brak! Josh revealed that he has huge amounts of Brak quotes and skits in MP3 format. Here is the FTP site: Brak Attack! It has some other comedy stuff too, but who needs comedy when you've got Brak? Brak!

: The LUG is having a Nethack tournament on xorn (kuato's replacement, donated by VA). Nobody is particularily good, but I'm way ahead of everybody else. Dan's going to beat me when his character finally dies, though. He's been working on one character since yesterday afternoon.


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