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: Huzzah! My Be Dope story made Best of Be Dope!

: eCow is back online. We apologize for the convenience.

: Hrmph. Scott ripped off the intentional-Y2K-breakage code I wrote for Segfault, and put it on his own {platters,site}. The joke is gone from Segfault, but it will remain on netsplit until time immemorial, if I may mix my metaphors, probably.

: Oh yeah, the new Mentos commercials are pale shadows of the old Mentos commercials. I'm afraid Mentos may no longer be The Freshmaker. The question is, if so, what is The Freshmaker now? (There must be a Freshmaker, by the Law of Conservation of The Freshmaker)

: Scott claims that he didn't rip off my fake Y2K breakage code (which is good, as the code was terrible), he just ripped off the idea. I stand by my previous statement of "Hrmph."


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