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: I meant to mention this, but never did. Whenever anyone whom I don't want to talk to asks me what my name is, I tell them that my name is Jake Berendes (but not that they call me Jakey B). Whether they want me to sign a petition, give them money, or match me with my sandwich order, it makes no difference. My name is Jacob, Jacob.

But Jake Berendes is not one to take this lying down. The Jake empire struck back with a brilliant coup in which he obtained a student ID in my name with his picture, the better to commit heinous acts in my name. Just yesterday, for instance, he attended a musical event, and sent me this dispatch:

Subject: you like party music
yesterday's blackalicious concert was free to clark
students, and any worcester college student. but if
you don't go to clark, you had to sign in. so as far
as the records go, _you_ enjoyed the show, and vouched
for greg nixon, your fellow student who forgot his id.
also you're not very confident in writing your name
and you almost spelled it wrong.

I still have to fix Jake's MP3 upload thing.

: I'm working day and night. Cam's job is to make my life miserable. But it's okay. Because I'm doing cool stuff.

: I'm off the Mountain Dew wagon. Jason offered me one and I accepted. Soon I'll be knocking over convenience stores to get Mountain Dew money.

: I registered a domain yesterday, which inspired me to do another project along with Mike. I won't tell you which domain it is, but I'm sure you can find out with the right tools.


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