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: Dave forced me to read Gold Key. By "forced" I mean "wrote me an email with subject line 'key dada' and said that he remembered seeing something like it on Da Warren". I think Dave is mentally smushing up a couple things that were on Da Warren, which is basically what the authors of Gold Key did.

: Boy, if ever an article cried out for screenshots! You die Joe!

: I've gotten many email raves for Guess The Verb!. Of course, why would you email someone to say "Your game sucks"? Only a month to go before the results are released and the true metier of Guess The Verb! is lade bear. I may not have used "metier" correctly in that sentence.

: Dave wrote a Segfault article which is very useful: Laundry Hampers Considered Inefficient.

: Metier, noun. 1: vocation, trade. 2: an area of activity in which one excels. I did not use it correctly.

: I'm wondering if that entry violates rule 5 of the comp rules. I don't think it does, since this is not a public Internet forum, newsgroup, or bulletin board, and since I wasn't really discussing the merits of the game--just saying that some crazy people had sent me email about it. If someone complains, I'll block it out until after the voting period.


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