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: Segfault was honored by a Dork of the Day award today. The thing is, the award links to one particular article, so is the award going to Segfault or to the author of the story?

: Who thought up these Pentel mechanical pencil designs? With the little eraser cap and the annoying tiny eraser that you constantly have to adjust? It is, in the schoolyard parlance, weak.

: The previous entry refers only to the Pentel P205 model. I just got a Pentel AL15 from the supply cupboard, which is a much better pencil design.

It's not a question of price. That stupid metal cap costs money.

: It's alive! ALIVE!!!

: I found an an essay Andy wrote about his trip abroad, where, among other things, he met William H. Macy (the Leonard/Andy film actor idol). I have an email in the pipe to him, but who knows whether he'll ever answer it.


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