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: Grr. I wrote this entry and lost it and now I have to write it again and now there's gum in my hair. This yogurt is so runny I can drink it. In fact, that's what I'm doing. Anyway.

For the past few months I've been working on an Inform game for entry into the 2000 Interactive Fiction Contest. Right now you can see my game on the list of games, but that's about it. The games will be downloadable tonight, so I encourage you to play and vote on them all.

This week's cheese is Fontina. Last week's was Gorgonzola, which was an unmitigated cheese disaster. I think I might have had Fontina already, but no matter.

: A terrifying vision of the future. A slightly less terrifying vision of the future. A terrifying vision of the past. From the ever-wonderful APOD.

: FHW: It's "2001 Mars Odyssey" For Nasa's Next Trip To The Red Planet. I like it because it sounds like a promo for next week's episode of a TV show. "It's '2001 Mars Odyssey' as Nasa plans a trip the the Red Planet! But when Sharon shows up, it's a space battle of the sexes! Men are from Mars... on the next Nasa in the City!"

When Joe was here, he bought a TV Guide and a copy of USA Today. I think he's just trying to make Americans look bad.

: It is as I feared. My DOJ/innovation story was not written correctly. It was supposed to be a reductio ad absurdum of Microsoft's "DOJ vs. the Freedom to InnovateTM" rhetoric, but it was widely interpreted as a pro-Microsoft satire. As evidence, I offer the fact that it was mentioned in the editorial section of a Libertarian online rag. It's only a matter of time now before it shows up on moraldefense.com.

: I may or may not have mentioned this before, but David Brin's two Uplift trilogies are excellent. The traeki/Jophur are the coolest alien species I've ever encountered in any medium.

: The competition games are out. Get them, play them, and vote on them. Woohoo!

Correction: this week's cheese is Havarti. I have had Fontina before, but that was a few weeks ago.


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