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: I fixed a bunch of bugs in Guess The Verb!, but I'm not going to do a new release until I fix the big bug, which causes the wheel to behave strangely. One thing that is not a bug is my use of the word "haft". It is a word, and it means "the handle of a weapon or tool". It's not "shaft" and it's not etymologically related to "shaft". So there, I guess.

: Jake, I can't send to your email address. Your account is over quota. Go ahead and use Interesting Places To Die.

: The Dinosaur Hunters... this fall on NBC! I want this book. I will buy it when the stack of books I have yet to read is depleted some more.

: I'm about halfway through The Mote in God's Eye, which is sort of a less frustrating (for the characters and for the reader) Fiasco. Fiasco is a great book, but sometimes you'd like some actual communication to go on between the aliens and the humans. Anyway, I checked this book out of the library when I was maybe 10, and there are about three passages from the book which I remember but I don't remember anything outside those passages. I never finished the book and I think I'm further along this time than I was last time, so I don't think I'm going to remember any more stuff.


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