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: Brits take the biscuit. That was my biscuit, damn you!

That story is a year old; but they're re-running it like it's new, presumably because they don't have anything on this year's Ig Nobels yet.

: Mike sent me a link to a wonderful comic: Diesel Sweeties.

: "So? Write your Congressman!"
"I am my Congressman!"

: I have to work this weekend. Bleah.

: My mother sent two pictures that her aunt Lejeune took of me when we were in Sequim. They go into the black pit that is the Sequim travelogue directory, which will eventually (I promise!) have all the Sequim pictures I took, and an actual travelogue to describe them.

Lejeune was in the army during WWII. She achieved a rank which seemed to me considerable for a woman in the army during WWII; corporal, maybe. She has a wonderful house in Washington with a jaccuzi and a deck that looks out over light forest from the top of a hill which you can see here. I wish I'd been paying more attention when she was telling war stories.


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