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: Last night I recorded a song for Jake's birthday tape (which is currently about 3/4 full of songs and spoken word pieces and which I should be able to send off soon, a mere few months late) called Jake's Answering Machine Message, which is supposed to be sung all in one breath but there's no possible way anyone could do so. It goes:

good morning this is jake berendes i am not here at the moment i am at the chinese bakery i am at the outdoor market i am at the ymca i am at the barbeque and i am playing in the park and at the worcester petting zoo i am not here to take your call please accept my apology i am here at the museum of science and technology i have a lot to do today and several places i should be so if you'll leave a message i will pass it right along to me i need to fix my bicycle i need to build a robot which will destroy all my enemies if i will only flip a switch i need to find a postcard of a record of a movie of a novel that i heard of while i was drunk at a party when i have completed all these tasks i will hijack a limousine and take it to a place in pennsylvania that i've never seen i'll hitchhike home and push a button which will play the words that you should whisper to your telephone regarding what you called me for beep
I'm quite proud of it [the song].


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