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: Woohoo! Guess The Verb! got 11th place! I almost beat Andrew Plotkin's entry!

: I don't want to be the sort of person who makes notebook entries consisting of quotes from IRC, but here... is a quote from IRC.

<Manoj> if someone stole my desktop box's IP address, I will murder someone
<ms> will you murder the person who stole the ip, or just some arbitrary sucker?

: I put up a brag paragraph on the GTV page... I guess "11th place" doesn't really sound like a good thing to brag about (you can't say "in the top 10"), but I think it is when there are 53 entrants.

: robotfindskitten, like Dada Pokey before it, has been featured in a little tiny blurb on Pigdog Journal, the editor of which I am a couple degrees of separation from via three completely unrelated routes (Mark Fasheh, Mae Ling Mak, and Pete Peterson II). I don't know exactly how many degrees it is because I don't know who everyone knows directly, and even if I knew I'd probably get an off-by-one error expressing it (am I zero degrees of separation from everyone I know, or only from myself?)


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