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: True to his word, foaf has sent me a copy of Monty Python Sings, the follow-up to the critical flop Monty Python Does Not Sing. Unfortunately, it's region-coded to the UK, so I can't listen to it. I'm kidding, of course (but for how long?). I'm going to listen to it on my way to Fresno today. The reason foaf sent me this lovely gift was so I could listen to the Oliver Cromwell song, which is apparantly an Alan Sherman-style sing-along to a classical piece.

It's one of those things Wittgenstein was concerned about, things you know are true even though you've never thought about them. For me it was "It takes a lot longer to get several people going for a road trip than it does to get one person going for a road trip." Here I am, in my pajamas, It's 6:20, I want to leave by 7 and I know I can do it. That would be impossible if I was taking three other people along. This could be Brook's law in action.

I was soooo looking forward to seeing Celeste tomorrow, but it looks like that won't happen. :( :( :( But never fear, I have a devious plan... heh heh heh. Or nyeh heh heh, to laugh the Steve Buscemi way. Learn from the great Buscemi and let him guide your patch.

You know, I made a bunch of pop culture references in that entry, but they were all sort of erudite and highbrow. Not like Moesha or Blair Witch references, anyway. Hmm, maybe not. YOU MAKE THE CALL! Okay, that ruined it.


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