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: Segfault: A Vote For Nader Is .36 Of A Vote For Bush.

: A fun toy I found linked to on Technocrat: Spam Mimic stegonagraphically encodes short messages in spam mail.

: I've been able to laugh along with everyone else at the way George W. Bush puts sentences together, but it wasn't until today that the realization hit me. He uses the same algorithms used by the early versions of KatzDot, when it was Dan's goal to have it generate first paragraphs of Jon Katz articles as well as headlines. All it did was smush orthogonal sentence fragments together to give sentences like "Unapproachable information is over-reaction," so Dan gave up, but I think Dan (a known Nader supporter) has since gained control of some mind-control technology and is using it to influence the outcome of the election.


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