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: Hunt me! Kill me! Turn my hyde into a faux leather handbag! As usual, that link will work until Monday.

: The preachiest Segfault story I've ever written: Genetically Modified Teosinte on the Loose. Yes, even preachier than last year's heat death story.

: Celeste's last final is ongoing now. Then she's done with school! My final act as a UCLA student was to drop a paper on Wittgenstein into Professor Hsu's mailbox, and I liked having there be one defining moment, which wouldn't have happened if I'd been taking a final (and which I could take a picture of).

: Plausibly deniable spam from Amazon: "Since we haven't heard from you recently (at this e-mail address), we're passing along our solutions to common eleventh-hour holiday headaches." Well, that certainly makes... huh?


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