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: I have an essay-like thought bubbling in my mind, but I haven't yet had the opportunity to write anything down.

: Whenever I hear Jon Katz talk about young people, I fear for the future. But then I remember that I was easily as obsessed with video games as anyone he's talking about, and I turned out fine. And I realize that, once again, Jon Katz is full of it, and everything is as it should be.

Hey, wait a minute... I am one of the people he's talking about. Argh! I know that Konami cheat code as well as anyone. When will my similarities to the Katz-kissing-up demographic end? I'm an adult! I have a bloody college degree! This isn't right!

: Kevin's SSH woes:

<kmaples> see what I have to deal with?:
<kmaples> Warning: Server lies about size of server host key: actual size is 1023 bits vs. announced 1024.
<kmaples> where's my bit!

: Just a couple more days until I get to see Celeste... even less time until I get to see my mother and sisters again. Huzzah!

: I know IRC humor is wrong, but I can't resist. Here's Manoj's latest:

I think for Christmas, we should buy Ed a Ford Expedition with a built-in TV tuned to QVC, with "Partnership for a Drug-Free America" and "Bush/Cheney 2000" bumper stickers. Oh, and we'd take him to SoCal to pick it up.

: I'm all packed to leave tomorrow but I have yet to get my camera to work with my Thinkpad. So I guess I'll be limited to 60 or however many pictures this coming 5 days. Oh darn.


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